Aeelike Coloured Knitting Needles Set 35cm Long, 28Pcs/14 Pairs Aluminium Single Pointed Knitting Needles 2mm-10mm, Long Knitting Needles for Blanket, Straight Metal Knitting Pins for Kids Beginners


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  • [Full Size Knitting Needles Set] There are 14 pairs of knitting needles in this set a total of 28 single pointed straight needles in sizes 2mm 2.5mm 3mm 3.5mm 4mm 4.5mm 5mm 5.5mm 6mm 6.5mm 7mm 8mm 9mm 10mm and the length is 35cm/13.7in. Each pair of needles comes with an additional nylon pocket to store them as pairs and not to have to sort them out every time when you want to get to the knitting. Useful long knitting needles set 35cm for knitters of all abilities.
  • [14 inch Long Knitting Needles Aluminium]The metal knitting needles are made of high quality aluminium which are strong enough not to bend easily. Metal needles have standard points and smooth surface makes it easy for the wool to slip through without snagging speeding up the knitting. 35cm is just the right length and comfortable to hold good balance when knitting even knitting for longer periods won’t be too tiring. Lightweight single point knitting needles are perfect for arthritic hands.
  • [Coloured Knitting Needles Set Metal] A good variety of sizes available for most patterns and knitting projects. The plastic end on each needle is clearly marked with the size to prevent confusion and different colours help you to easily find pairs of knitting needles. The bright colours are perfect and great addition when teaching (not only) kids. 35cm single ended knitting pins set come with various colours can make your mood more pleasure and add more interesting for your knitting life.
  • [Knitting Needles Set Beginners] Handy set of needles ideal for beginners as the set contains a good range of ‘regular’ sizes. Knitting needles 35cm long aluminium have a great shape easy to knit with and not too slippy for beginners. If you want to teach your daughter or granddaughter to knit this colourful knitting needles set is great for them. And you don’t have to think about buying different sizes for specific yarn because it provides you with 14 sizes of needles to learn to knit.
  • [Perfect Knitting Gift for Knitters] This 14 pair set of nice coloured metal straight knitting needles will meet your all knitting needs perfect for experienced and beginner knitters. You can use these extra long knitting needles to make warm winter gifts for loved ones friends and pets like socks scarves jumper and blankets etc. 35cm long knitting needles set can also be used as a perfect gift for knitting lovers of all ages. To view our full range click on ”Visit the Aeelike Store”.