Bamboo Knitting Needles Two Each of 6mm (Size 4) and 10mm Size (000) Large Chunky Knitting Needles for Large Wool Patterns and Silks Ideal for Arthritic Hands 35cm Long Knitting Needles


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  • Includes 1 pack (2 needles) of 6mm (size 4) and 1 pack (2 Needles) of 10mm (size 000) needles. With 4 knitting needles included and 2 widths making them perfect for your next knitting project.
  • These Bamboo Knitting Needles are made from high quality natural bamboo making them eco friendly knitting needles ideal for use with chunky wool and silks .
  • Overall length of 35cm large knitting needles with lightweight design making these ideal for knitting enthusiasts who struggle with hand fatigue a perfect addition to your knitting needle set.
  • 6mm is a UK size 4 Knitting needle and 10mm is a UK 000 Knitting needle size ideal large knitting needles for chunky knitting and chunky yarn knitting needles.
  • Made from eco friendly bamboo woods these are smooth knitting needles and wont cause any nicks to your wool or fabric these needles will not cause any static like other metal knitting needles.