Circular Knitting Needles Set Ø 2mm x 80cm, DINSONG 3pcs Stainless Steel Long Round Crochet Circular Knitting Needles for Weaving Hat Sweater Scarf


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  • 💖 【High Quality Material】The knitting needles set is made of high -quality stainless steel is rust -free strong and durable and has been polished and sanded many times so that it feels smooth.
  • 💖 【Size】The socks knitting needles are 80cm long Ø 2mm with straight needles at both ends of 14 cm and soft stainless steel wire in the middle of 52 cm. Three knitting needles of the same size are intended for simple sock knitting.
  • 💖 【Special Knitting Method】A new type of crocheting in which two knitting needles are wrapped in a loop and the third needle is flexible and threading and threading to enable faster and more comfortable knitting.
  • 💖 【Smooth Knitting】Due to the rejuvenating round head and the smooth edges the yarn is easy to get involved without tangling. The knitting needles are robust at both ends flexible and soft in the middle and gently slide back and forth between the yarns.
  • 💖 【Versatile】Round knitting needles are suitable for knitting socks hats baby clothes sleeves scarves gloves sweaters toys and other handicrafts.