Curtzy Polyester Sewing Machine Thread Spools Set in Assorted Colours (24 Pack) – 6cm/ 2.36 Inch Spools with 914m/1000 Yards of Thread – Bobbin Spool Kit in 24 Colours for Hand and Machine Embroidery


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  • 24 PACK OF SEWING THREAD: Included in our set is overlocking Polyester thread spools. They come pre-wound onto 6cm (2.36 inches) spools and there is 914m (1000 yards) on each spool. Our thread can be used on a range of different materials such as cotton wool synthetic fabrics leather denim satin and lace.
  • 100% POLYESTER MATERIAL: Our thread is made from 100% polyester so it is extra strong. It is durable will not fade wear discolour or shrink so is washer and dryer safe. It is a tough material and will not break when being used with a sewing machine or using for hand sewing. The thread is tightly wound around a spool so it will not tangle.
  • FITS UNIVERSAL MACHINES: These bobbins can be used on most universal sewing and embroidery machines. As the thread is wound onto a spool it can be used as it comes. It will not tangle knot or jam up your sewing machine. It is both suitable for manual and electric sewing machines. Polyester has a lower risk of breaking or fraying. The elasticity and tenacity also reduce risks of looping and puckering during use with a machine.
  • ALL YOUR SEWING NEEDS: Our set of thread can be used for a lot of projects including quilting clothing repairs alterations cushion making tailoring tapestry costume and clothing design making personalised gifts and garments cross-stitch weaving emergency mending appliqué work and any other stitching work. This set is great for beginners and professionals and would be a perfect gift for sewing enthusiasts.
  • MONEY BACK : All thread sets that are sold come with a 100% money-back just in case you are not happy with your purchase. If that is the case please get in contact with us and we will refund you.