HOUSEEIGHT Sewing Kit – Over 110 Pcs Needle and Thread Kit Includes 20 Strong Threads,40 XL Needles,1 Pin Cushion, Travel Sewing Kits for Adults UK for Emergency & Home Mini Sewing Kit for Beginners


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  • All in One Kit: You have everything you need with our sewing kit Set. It has 1x seam ripper 1x pin cushion 1x tape measure 1x needle threader 1x metal crochet hook 1x elastic waistband 1x magnifying glass 1x marking pencil & more
  • Stitch it Anytime: Our high-quality sewing kits have 20 colourful cotton threads to fix all your favourite clothes. You don’t have to go through the pain of throwing them away because they are damaged. With our kit they will be new as before
  • Always be Ready: You will no longer be late to work because the button of your shirt fell. Our sewing box with sewing kit accessories not only has three extra resin buttons but also has threads that will fasten as sturdy as a parachute belt
  • Extra Pocket for Pins: Losing a pin is too common and finding one in the time of need is impossible. In our travel sewing kit we have additionally added a pin cushion and an extra pocket on the kit pouch so that you are never going to lose a pin again
  • Easy to Carry: Make our all-in-one small sewing kit essential for your foreign board meetings destinations weddings & vacations for any surprise which means you can be your tailor when needed with just a single unzipping