Korbond Nightly Forest Sewing Basket – L14.5cm x W19cm x H26cm


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  • SIZE : The size of this basket is 14.5cm x 19cm x 26cm
  • ESSENTIAL: Every crafter needs a Korbond Sewing Basket to store their colelction of crafting tools. Each Korbond basket is carefully designed to meet every crafter’s needs as well as look stunning.
  • SECURE CARRY HANDLE: The basket features a secure carry handle which easily supports the weight of the basket and tools inside to move your required items around the home or to workshops and friends houses so you always have everything required to finish beautiful crafts projects and repairs.
  • CLEAR PLASTIC TRAY: Korbond Sewing Baskets all include a clear plastic tray with compartments to easily store and organise smaller items such as bobbins needles pins and buttons. This prevents small or sharp items getting lost within the large compartment of the basket.
  • BEAUTIFUL FABRIC DESIGN: Wrapped in a stunning bold patterned fabric this basket is a statement piece for your craft room! Show off your style to your friends and family.
  • BUILT IN PIN CUSHION: The basket features a large built in pin cushion and pocket affixed to the underside of the lid to store pins and smaller items.